Dear Friends

Welcome to the 5th Indian Social Work Congress (ISWC) 2017.

The Social Work Department of Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit (SSUS) Kalady and the National Association of Professional Social Workers in India (NAPSWI) are delighted to invite you all to be a part of the 5th Indian Social Work Congress 2017, at Kalady, Kerala the birth place of Adishankara. In the previous consecutive years, four impressive ISWCs were organized at Delhi (2013); Pune (2014); Ladnun (2015) and Varanasi (2016) respectively and the triumph of these four round-tables gives us the muse and the ardor to launch the next in the series. As we all are sentient the most important purpose of the Indian Social Work Congress is to introspect within, mirror upon and work together to march ahead to surmount the various public disquiet and struggles blatant out with the everyday social realities and social work interventions. The attempt is a zealous effort to reflect upon the craft of survival art propounded by the profession in mitigating and managing these critical social realities through its strategic responses and ripostes. Hence we construe that the desirable theme for the 5th ISWC - 2017 should be “Social Work Profession and Social Realities: Responses and Ripostes”

This pertinent argument desires to assemble practitioners, academia and students allied with the discipline of social work to reflect on issues and concerns of struggling social realities and challenging existential experiences out of the present-day persona and account of the profession. As a shared deliberate activity, this Congress would use the critical frames of introspection and assessment to gawk at the realizations and threats/underperformances that the profession has experienced in the path of its existence and live - out in India. It shall also try to develop uncompromising expositions on the advancement of collaborative strategies, methods, techniques and theoretical discourses in the track of responding and reposting towards the current and rising social realities and professional challenges. This is an eye opening realization that, for all of us to critically evaluate and act in response to the varying socio-political veracities manifested in the form of survival struggles and existential challenges of the epoch is an unavoidable mandate and this conclave will be a momentous stage for defining and consolidating consequential responses and interventions that are decisive in order to strengthen our professional claims.

We are confident that the 5th ISWC shall provide an excellent confluence to all social work educators, researchers, activists, development practitioners, practicing professionals and budding professional trainees to carve up their outlooks and know-how on a common platform. Being the organizers of the 5th Indian Social Work Congress, we also deem that this shall be an inspirational and professionally fruitful rendezvous for each one of us in person

The social work professionals in Gods own Country, Kerala and the University fraternity at the birth place of Adishankara very affectionately invite each one of you to this elfin but vibrant abode of academic inheritance on the banks of River Poorna for the experience driven intellectual deliberations and creative planning of strategic interventions in the effort of responding to the strenuous social realities of our time.

Please do come and join with the Congress.

In solidarity

Dr. Jose Antony
Organising Secretary


National Association of Professional Social Workers in India (NAPSWI)
Department of Social work, Sree Shankaracharya University of Sanskrith, Kalady, Kerla