Social Program :

Memorial Lectures:

2nd Prof Surendra Singh Memorial Lecture shall be delivered during the congress.

Students’ Forum

The Congress has planned a Social Work Studentsí Forum for student members of NAPSWI with the purpose to provide opportunity to budding social work professionals. The details will be communicated later on.

Information Exchange

The Congress will have a book and resource exchange table at the conference venue. You can exchange information with other colleagues in social work fraternity. In addition to, print material, we will also encourage information in digital form which will be uploaded on NAPSWI website. Please bring information to exchange with others. There are no limits or particular focus.

Book Release

The Congress will host Release of Books related to social work published during 2016 to 2017. The authors and/or publishers can submit their request for release of books. Each book release will be given 7-10 minutes time and will be chaired by Eminent Academician/Practitioner (to be decided by a Committee in consultation with author/publisher). This event will be a paid event. To register for book release, kindly contact the organizing secretary or joint organizing secretary of the congress. The Congress will encourage provision of special price of such books for the Congress delegates. A book comprising of the selected papers presented in 4th ISWC 2016 will also be released in the Congress.



National Association of Professional Social Workers in India (NAPSWI)
Department of Social work, Sree Shankaracharya University of Sanskrith, Kalady, Kerla