• National Association of Professional Social Workers in India (NAPSWI)


  • I pledge to step out of my area of comfort so I may meet people, listen to their lives, grow and remain open to their full humanity

    I pledge to be critical and ask questions in order to cast doubt, inquire and prompt social change and transformation.

  • I shall self-reflect to examine my own biases, clarify my beliefs and take stances.

  •  I shall strive continuously to advance knowledge about people, issues, and social work profession.

  • I pledge to contribute towards turning our institutions into genuinely transparent, accountable and fair communities of action.

  • I promise to defend freedom of expression, to being open always to dialogue and listening.

  • I shall be consciously inclusive towards all people and act to promote diversity, equality, mutual respect, justice and recciliation.

  • I give a promise to walk with marginalized voiceless, and people who have been forced to silence.

  • I promise to myself to engage people and structures to address life challenges and enhance their wellbeing.
    From this day I am aware that I am part of a community of change agents. I, thus, pledge to act ethically, in compassion, with thoughtfulness, conviction, passion, honesty, perseverance and humility.

That is the least I pledge for......

(Proposed by NAPSWI for adoption. Suggestions are invited)

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