• National Association of Professional Social Workers in India (NAPSWI)


Sanjai Bhatt, Neera Agnimitra(ed.)
Year: 2014

Price(HB): 850.00


Contextualizing the Environment in Social Work Pedagogy: An Environmental Perspective to Intervention/ Sanjai Bhatt and Neera Agnimitra
Disaster Risk Reduction:   A Gender Perspective/ Santosh Kumar

Climate Change and Disaster:   Need for a Human Rights Based Approach to Disaster Reduction and Sustainable Development/ Ajay Jha and Sharad Joshi

The Trajectory of Disaster Response:   From Relief to Resilience/ Neera Agnimitra

Protected Area and People:   Exploring the Role of Social Work Practice/ Digvijoy Phukan and Vinay Kumar

Post-Structural Possibilities in Green Social Work:   A Brief Review of Literature/ Varun Sharma and Neera Agnimitra
Community as the Key for Disaster Recovery:   A Case of Long Term Intervention in Kanyakumari District/ Subhasis Bhadra
Field Work Practicum in Social Work Education/ Atul Pratap Singh

Social Work and Human Animal Conflict:   Opportunities for Interdisciplinary Practice/ Mayuri Gogoi

Disaster Management:   An Emerging Field in Social Work Education/ Aruna Gajbhiye and Ravindra Gajbhiye
Exploring the Climate Change Discourse in India through the Lens of Social Work Practice: Vinay Kumar and Digvijoy Phukan
Social Work Education and Practice in Climate Change Adaptation:   Realities and Gaps/ Nivedita Mishra Thapliyal

UDAI: A Social Work Response to Managing the Aftermath of a Disaster: Sanjai Bhatt


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