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Dear Colleague,

 We take great pleasure to invite you to the 18th WORLD CONGRESS OF CRIMINOLOGY 2016, being held from 15 – 19 December 2016, at O.P. Jindal Global University, Delhi NCR, Haryana, India. O.P. Jindal Global University is proud to provide a platform to such a prestigious event to be held for the first time in India. In the spirit of encouraging knowledge sharing across borders, we have decided to waive the registration fee for all delegates from SAARC and developing countries for a limited period. We hope that you, your colleagues and students will find this an incentive to share your work with prominent stalwarts in various disciplines and will participate whole heartedly in this Congress. Please see below for details on registration, abstract submission, stay and travel in India.


Call for abstracts are open until 31st October 2016. We request all interested parties to please send in their presentation proposals and registrations at the earliest. You can submit abstracts for oral and poster presentations, workshops, book seminars, literary work discussions, round table discussions etc. at this link: https://intercrim.com/presentation-form

If you have submitted your abstract to the ISC Scientific Committee and are waiting for a word from them, maybe you would like to inquire about it here: https://intercrim.com/congress-contact-us. Please consider that the Committee is being inundated with abstract submissions. In order to ensure an attentive and fair process of selection, kindly allow a gap of two weeks between submission and follow-up query addressed to the Committee.


Once you have a decision on your abstract and are looking to attend the Congress, please go to http://jibsisc2016congress.com/Registration.php to register online. Presenters and listeners are encouraged to register in order to attend it, even if they are not paying for the Congress. Please fill in your details online or using the registration form attached. Once we have received the information on our end, we will notify you officially of your successful registration along with a letter of invitation. Please note that the registration form asks you to submit flight details, so that we can schedule airport pick-up and drop-off accordingly. If you have not booked your airline tickets yet, please leave the section blank. You will be able to submit your registration form. We will reach out to you closer to the date for that information.



We request international delegates to please see the http://jibsisc2016congress.com/travelling-in-india.php and especiallyhttp://jibsisc2016congress.com/visa.php for more details.

If you are an international delegate, please understand that you will be required to submit your passport number, place of issue, date of issue and end date of valid of passport/travel document as a procedural necessity so that we may forward the same to the Ministry of External Affairs, India and the respective Embassies in your country. You can find the same requirement listed in the Principle Clearance document listed under WHAT DO YOU NEED section inhttp://jibsisc2016congress.com/visa.php. We assure you that your private information will not be divulged to any other third party unless officially necessitated. We urge delegates to register early to avoid delays in acquiring travel documents as well as to ensure they get the best rates in registrations and off-campus hotel bookings, if needed.



On-campus accommodations that will be available on shared basis. See link here for pictures of the accommodationshttp://jibsisc2016congress.com/accomodation-travel.phpResidential guests will be provided with lodging, breakfast, lunch, dinner and tea and snacks from 15th-18th December 2016. Please note that accommodations will be allotted on first-come, first-serve basis with priority to the elderly and handicapped. 

For booking accommodations outside campus – hotel reservations, please visit the following link http://jibsisc2016congress.com/content/downloads/Non-resident-accommodation.pdf. You will find here the subsidized rates that we have negotiated with three hotels in the nearby area. Please write to the respective point of contact person or helpdesk for queries and bookings of non-campus accommodations (Please contact Prateek Tyagi at prateek.tyagi@cprohini.com to book with Crowne Plaza Hotel). We regret to inform that the organizing team at JGU will not be responsible for any hotel bookings outside the campus and this must be undertaken by the delegate themselves. Please note that the subsidized rates are valid only for bookings made before 30th October 2016, after which all delegates will be charged standard rates as per hotel policy. Please use WCC16 - OPJGU as subject title for all correspondence with hotel personnel to ensure that you are in conversation with the right person on their end. 



December is a lovely time to be in India. So while you are here, make sure you do not miss out on the natural, cultural, historical and culinary delights that the place has to offer. From booking hotels to finding the best places to visit in India, log onto http://jibsisc2016congress.com/travelling-in-india.php for your one-stop shop for all travel related queries before, during and after the conference. We would like to inform you that you and/or your accompanying members can also express interest to partake the day-long sightseeing trips to Delhi and Agra scheduled during the Congress days. Do indicate similarly on the registration form if that is something you would like to do. This information is being collected for the benefit of our travel partners so that they can provide us adequate logistics. This selection is not binding and you are not charged for these trips on the online registration fee. When you arrive on-site for the Congress, please confirm your place on the trip/s at the travel desk placed in the registration area.




The World Congress of Criminology, which has been held under the auspices of the International Society of Criminology since 1938, is one of the foremost criminology event that brings together the best academics, researchers, professionals and policy makers to discuss the most relevant and current issues related to crime and deviance and their prevention under the aegis of the International Society of Criminology.

The Congress provides you with a great opportunity to enjoy the historic and scenic beauties of India, while also experiencing interesting and stimulating discussions on subjects of your interest. During the Congress, you will be able to visit many of the famous attractions in Delhi and Agra on the sightseeing tours that have been arranged for the delegates.



This year the conference will focus on Urbanization, Globalization, Development and Crime: Opportunities and Challenges of the XXI Century. Some of the principle topics for the 18th World Congress of Criminology are Extremism, terrorism & warfare: mass violence and its impact on society, The victimization of vulnerable populations: crime against women, children, the elderly & minorities, The politics of crime: the role of crime and terrorism in national & international decisions and interventions. You can find the other sub-themes and themes here: http://jibsisc2016congress.com/content/downloads/THEMES-AND-SUB-THEMES.pdf



Please visit the site http://jibsisc2016congress.com/ for more details on transport and accommodation. We will update the program schedule here http://jibsisc2016congress.com/program.php closer to the date (by 31st November 2016), you can also find it on the ISC website http://intercrim.com/2016congress. For all queries regarding presentation format or program timings, contact https://intercrim.com/congress-contact-us. For any query regarding on-site resources, exhibition resources, etc., please write to us at cvps@jgu.edu.in



As a platform for healthy learning and discussion, we welcome you and your peers to join us in conversation and debate as we share new ideas, insights, data and energies to make this Congress successful as an effective campaign to create and sustain a safe and secure world. We look forward to your active participation in the Congress. We hope the Congress will provide you with an opportunity to increase your knowledge, improve your future work and build you friendships in the society.

Thank you for your time. I hope this mail has been helpful to answer some of your queries regarding the Congress. We look forward to seeing you in December!


Thanks & Regards,

Dr. Emilio Viano                &       Dr. Sanjeev P. Sahni
President                                                    Principal Director
International Society of                            Jindal Institute of Behavioural Sciences Criminology (www.jgu.edu.in/JIBS)
(http://intercrim.com/)                               O. P. Jindal Global University (www.jgu.edu.in)



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