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We at the Department of Social Work can indeed claim to have a very special relationship with the first prime minister of India which is beautifully brought forth by one of our founders Elmina Lucke (Unforgettable Memories: A Collection of Letters, Northern Book Centre, Delhi, 1987). While elaborating on her meeting with Pandit Nehru, the prime minister of India in 1949, she writes’, ‘ he had evidently been reading the one little brochure we had printed for the 1949 recruitment of students in Delhi School of Social work’... and he said, ‘we need to do more of this. This is responsible citizenship.’

By making an endeavour to organise this symposium, which indeed shall be multidisciplinary in nature as was the persona of Nehru, we simply wish to reiterate our commitment to the ideals of a secular, democratic and liberal India.

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