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1st Indian Social work Congress 2013

The Indian Social Work Congress is an initiative of National Association of Professional Social Workers in India (NAPSWI) ) first held at Delhi on 23 – 25 February, 2013 .

The purpose of this Congress was to bring the fraternity of professional social workers together to discuss and deliberate upon the issues related to the social work education, practice and research in India. The Indian Social Work Congress aims to strengthen the social work profession to ensure social justice and human rights for all.

A cursory review of recorded and published literature on the engagement of the social work profession reveals that there are substantial gaps with regard to its avowed goals. Besides, it is also felt that the profession has not been able to take cognizance of some of the challenges emanating out of the rapidly changing socioeconomic milieu. It is in this context that the Congress aims to deliberate and record the response of the profession with regard to these concerns and redraw the boundaries that should position the profession of social work in the contemporary times. Apart from responding challenges  in fast changing context from welfare to empowerment by social work profession, the Congress also envisions: challenging responses to social realities by the social work profession vis-a-vis other stakeholders including the civil society actors, funding organisations, the government and the people and the communities in general.

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1st ISWC 2013 News was covered by Girish Nishana for DD News


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